New English 110 Info. Lit. guides!

Dear Karen and Eng 110 Faculty,

We want to notify you all of the digital English 110 Library guides created over the summer.

They reflect topic areas that comprise the Freshmen Year Initiative Learning Communities and are now accessible via the Eng 110 blog that we’ve all been using to advance the English 110 / FYI initiative.

There are “Instructor Information,” entries with helpful information literacy tips and strategies.  Additionally, there are also posted “student information literacy practice activities,” for some of the topic areas.  Please help us to prioritize further resources that you think will be useful in supporting the English 110 sections.

Please also know about the general Eng 110 library instruction guide created by Prof Nancy Foasberg; ttp://

We hope these resources augment the activities of all English 110 instructors and sections; both those that have elected to schedule in-house Library visits as well as those that are taking a “distant ed.,” pedagogical approach for their sections.

We remind you all that in-library sessions can be scheduled by contacting our instructional services office at 781-997-3747.  For more detailed support information please view:

Let us know what you think.  Please send comments and requests to Professors Nancy Foasberg, (x73751 or and Michael Miller (x73761 or

Have a great semester!  Talk to you soon.

Prof. Michael J. Miller, Associate Librarian for Public Services. 26 Aug. 2010

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Librarian - QC's Rosenthal Library

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2 comments on “New English 110 Info. Lit. guides!
  1. Dominique says:

    I just looked through my guide for the Higher Education section — what a great resource. I’m excited to share this with my students. Thank you, Michael!

  2. I agree with Dominique–these guides look great and are a wonderful resource. Thanks for posting! To help keep things organized and accessible, I’ve reordered the top “banner” of this blog. Links to all of the course topics (and the many more we develop) will be featured at the very top. All of the other more general documents, templates, guides, goals, etc. have been made subpages of the new parent page “110 Resources,” which can also be accessed from the top banner. (If you had linked to one of those non-topic pages, that link is probably broken now). It’s easy to add more documents to the 110 Resources–just select “110 Resources” as the “Parent” page.


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