Writing our Biology Assignment #4: Brave New/Old World

Now that you’ve researched the field of eugenics, write an essay using the sources you cited in your annotated bibliography to analyze Agar’s Liberal Eugenics.  Make an argument about how well Agar’s essay on “liberal eugenics” avoids the historical abuses of eugenicists.

Audience:  The same scholars who so rapturously read your piece on muscular Christianity.

Format: 5-6 pages, MLA style

Advice:  Your best essay will not just offer your political opinion, but will demonstrate how you have considered the pros and cons presented by writers you researched for your bibliography.  Your essay will then show how you applied these thoughts to an argument about Agar.


Type: Develop an analytical argument using original research that includes both primary and secondary texts.

Rationale: This assignment build on the first essay’s use of an historical argument. Using more extensive research to analyze more difficult texts, students will weigh in on complex and ethically fraught policy issues.

Pre-draft Activities:

  1. Divide into groups of four.  In your groups, make a list of Agar’s main arguments for liberal eugenics.  Then report back to the class so we can make a master list.
  2. Based on descriptions in annotated bibliographies, consider (a) whether you have used your sources as intended; (b) if not, why not; and (c) if so, in what order your sources should flow to best support your argument.
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