NYC: Assignment #1: Exploration of New York City through Text

Using the text as evidence, develop an arguable thesis by analyzing how one of the course readings approaches a theme.  Themes examined can be, but are not limited to: identity, home, change.

Audience: Members of the class who have read the text.

Format: Four-five pages, MLA style

Advice:  You should cite and interpret short quotes from the texts to support the points you are making. Assume that your audience is familiar with the texts, so your purpose is not to describe or summarize it in relation to the theme but rather to interpret and analyze its treatment of the theme.


Type: Analyze a single primary source to support an arguable thesis.

Rationale: The purpose of this assignment is for students to identify and analyze a theme in a single text and to develop a thesis that posits an argument about that theme using the primary source as evidence.

NYC_Assignment1 (doc)

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