NYC: Assignment #2: Interpreting New York City through Literature and Film

Make a comparative analysis of how a short story and a film that are set in New York City are influenced by the city’s setting and explore that setting through different media.

Audience: Members of the class who have read the text and seen the film.

Format: Four-five pages, MLA style.

Advice:  Literary and film analyses offer interpretations, not summaries, of the respective works. You must craft a thesis about the presentation of setting that provides a purpose for your analysis of the two media and how their approaches to setting influence the work, not just a compare/contrast of setting in the works.


Type: Develop an argument to analyze the tension between two sources.

Rationale: The purpose of this assignment is for students to move beyond a single source of evidence as the basis for an argument by using “texts” from different media to analyze and make an argument about a specific aspect of the relationship between two sources.

NYC_Assignment2 (doc)

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