NYC Assignment #3: Informing about New York City

Investigate an NYC-related topic and write an article about this topic for prospective publication in a New York-themed magazine such as New York or The New Yorker.

Audience: Educated readers of a general-interest magazine.

Format: Five-six pages, MLA style

Advice:  Narrow your topic so that your article allows for the full development of your investigative analysis without glossing over themes or issues too generally.  For example, the topic of NYC immigration would be too broad, but an examination of post-9/11 immigration to NYC may sufficiently focus the topic for a more thorough investigation.  This assignment involves analyzing information about your topic gleaned from primary and secondary sources and will use MLA documentation style to cite sources.


Type: Present research within the conventions of a particular genre (e.g., a magazine article) that is particularly relevant to the course topic.

Rationale: The purpose of this assignment is instruction in the research of primary and secondary sources to support an investigative piece of writing. The pre-draft annotated bibliography assignment will introduce students to the different methods of identifying and selecting appropriate sources, and the extraction of key evidence from those sources.

NYC_Assignment3 (doc)

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Posted in Present research within conventions of a particular genre

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