Reading Film Assignment #5: Final Research Paper

After much feedback and revision, your proposal on the topic of “Adaptation” has finally been accepted by the Society. Your task now is to write a formal research paper that takes a position on a problem. In your final paper, you should make an argument that offers one answer to the investigative question you developed in your Proposal Assignment.

In writing your final paper, you should complete and submit:

  • a Messy First Draft, where you make an initial, experimental exploration of your proposed idea in 12-14 informal and unfinished pages;
  • an Argument Abstract, where you compose a 200-word abstract of the essay you are writing, showcasing the argumentative position you are taking on your question;
  • a Formal Outline, where you examine your first draft and experiment with ways of organizing the material to create an appropriate overall structure; and
  • a Second Draft, where you take a more informed, analytical, and critical approach to the topic you chose to investigate.
  • Your Final Paper needs to incorporate at least two of the secondary sources from your Annotated Bibliography, as well as two of the shared course readings from this semester.
  • A Cover Letter that explains the process students went through to create their portfolio, describing the strengths they have gained by producing the pieces of writing and the challenges they still face as writers

Audience: A community of film scholars

Format: 8-10 pages, MLA style


Type: Develop an analytical argument using original research that includes both primary and secondary sources

Rationale: This assignment requires the students to engage in a sustained scholarly analysis and debate, using the methods of analysis and argumentation they have been learning and practicing throughout the semester.

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