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American Dreams Assignment #3: Annotated Bibliography

You will develop an annotated bibliography of sources in connection to your research topic (see assignment 4). Please find a minimum of five sources that include one book, one newspaper article, and three academic journal articles. Each entry should summarize the source and explain how it connects to your thesis.

Audience: Future researchers pursuing your topic

Format: 150-200 words per annotation; MLA style

Advice: In each annotation, be sure to identify the thesis, audience, evidence, and rhetorical strategies for each of the sources. Think of your research paper as an opportunity to put these sources in conversation with each other in a way that is organized around your central thesis statement.


Type: Write an assignment in a specified genre relevant to the course topic

Pre-Draft Activities:

  1. Library visit and short assignment follow up
  2. Annotations and outlines of individual essays as a class and in groups

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