Creativity Assignment #3: Filling in the Creative Conversation: Crafting an Annotated Bibliography

Using the library resources you’ve learned about during our visit, find five secondary resources that attempt, in the manner of Tharp, Bohm and others we have read, to explain or theorize the creative process.

Audience: Future writers in this course who may want to rely upon your evaluation of your sources for their own research

Format: Five sources, narrowed to THREE, each with a 6-8 sentence annotation; MLA style

Advice: Of these five sources, find at least one book, one journal article and one magazine article using the various databases discussed during our library session. Your additional two sources may come in any form, including one reliable web source as modeled by the librarian’s scholarly Internet search. Once you have found your five sources, use MLA style to create a works cited page that includes each item. Then select the three strongest sources that you believe will best contribute to your work on your segmented essay and write a one-paragraph annotation for each of the three. Each annotation should begin with a 2-3 sentence overview of the text, followed by 2-3 sentences that cite and contextualize key quotations and terms, concluding with 2-3 sentences that discuss how this text will be useful in your final project.


Type: Writing in a specified genre/Collecting original research to use in an analytical argument

Rationale:  Students will already have their Essay #4 assignments when they approach this annotated bibliography, which serves as the research component of their final project. This assignment allows students to engage with library research methods, encourages self-directed research, and emphasizes the careful evaluation of evidence.

Pre-Draft Activities:

Pre-draft Writing Assignments and Texts: See Essay #4 (concurrent), plus

(3.1) In-class: short summary of text, including isolating important quotation

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