Religion Pre-Draft: Evaluating Web Sources

Pre-Draft #3 (Evaluating Web Sources, 30 min)

  1. Using in-class projector/laptop, visit Wikipedia and discuss site’s merits/drawbacks.
  2. Vandalize several articles in a variety of ways.
  3. Search for “Martin Luther King” on Google.
  4. Look through top results (esp. King Center and and compare websites.
  5. Evaluate based on apparent perspective creator(s) of site, sorts of materials presented, up-to-datedness, etc.
  6. Discuss what uses might be made of the various sites.
  7. Return to Wikipedia, see whether pages have been reverted.

Assignment Underway:

Essay 3: In this assignment, you will select one issue over which there has been some recent territorial conflict between the discursive authorities of science and religion: your choices might include (but are not limited to) the ethics of undertaking research into cloning or stem cells, the morality of providing access to abortions, or the logic of teaching of evolution vs. creation.  Then, pretend you have been hired by a general-interest magazine to present an essay to its readers about that subject.  In your essay, argue how we ought to mix religious and scientific discourse in our public discussions of that issue.

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