Food Pre-Draft: Sources

Locating, Vetting and Inserting Sources

Lesson objective(s): The confident selection, vetting and insertion of secondary sources.

***Special Note: The following exercise is possible only if all students have access to laptops in class.

Total estimated time: 60 minutes.

Additional outcome(s): Students will begin to assess critically the secondary material they locate.

Course work or assignment underway: Research paper

Work and/or reading completed before class:

Students are already far into their research papers, and have already produced a thesis paragraph and preliminary expansions of their arguments.

Sequence of Classroom Activities

1. In-class brainstorm: Determine which aspects of students’ essays they feel needs the most secondary support (5 minutes).

2. Ask students as a group to locate three separate sources online to support the same part of their argument (15 minutes).

3. Discuss as a class some of their findings, and determine which of the sources would best fit the demands of the essay and why (25 minutes).

4. Have students repeat the process for several other parts of their argument (20 minutes).

5. Break the students into group of three and have them discuss each other’s choices.

Download: Food_Predraft2_Sources (doc)

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