Memory Pre-Draft: Integrating Sources

Lesson Plan on Integrating Sources

Lesson objective(s): Creating appropriate contextual situations for, and seamless integration of, primary and secondary sources into the body of an essay.

Total estimated time: 30 – 45 minutes

Additional outcome(s): Confidence in transitioning into quotes and explaining the relevance of quotes to arguments.

Course work or assignment underway: Third Essay (Research project), though this exercise could be used for any formal writing assignment involving citation of source materials.

Work and/or reading completed before class: In the previous class, we spent time identifying examples of well-integrated quotes in the various psychological and philosophical texts from the course readings.  I’ve also asked students to identify and bring in one quote from two different sources.

Sequence of Classroom Activities

  • Step one: Divide students into their workshop groups.
  • Step two: Students take turns explaining the relevance of their sources and the specific quotes chosen from these same sources to their arguments and how they plan on using these quotes in the body of their essays. (10 – 15 min.)
  • Step three: For both quotes, each group member writes two sentences, one containing an introductory clause(s) to each of his or her quotes along with the quote, and an explanatory sentence following the quote (“Regarding the process of recall, Schacter points out that, ‘…’ As one can see, ‘recall’ is not simply…”). (10 – 15 min.)
  • Step four: Group members read their introductory and explanatory sentences to each other and make suggestions for editing.  The groups will then choose their best introduction/explanation and take turns sharing them with the class, after which we will discuss the strengths and effectiveness of each. (10 – 15 min.)

Reflection on the lesson’s success or alternative approaches:

  • Using the course wiki, students will compile a list of attributes of a well-managed, well-integrated quote.

Download: Integrating Sources (doc)

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