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NYC Pre-Draft: Comparative Analysis

For essay #1:  Comparative Analysis

  • Describe a NYC location (e.g. park, subway station, art gallery, soup kitchen, hotel lobby) to someone who knows it only superficially.  Your objective is to provide a rich and detailed description based on direct observation and, if possible, conversations with people in the location.  In other words, you must go to this place, and perhaps even interact with people there, in order to fulfill the objective of the assignment.  You should select and organize specific details in your description to support an overall assessment or interpretation of the environment that functions as a thesis.

Total estimated time:  one hour of peer review.  What is being peer reviewed is how the description will work as one of the texts to be examined in the essay #1 assignment, comparative analysis.  Which course reading should the student select as the 2nd text?  What, prospectively, might the essay’s thesis be?  This pre-draft assignment takes a step towards drafting essay #1.

Point in semester:   description assignment given during 2nd week, due during 3rd week.

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