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Page to Stage Pre-Draft: Performance Review Outline

Outline for Performance Review

The outline is based on Goethe’s 3 questions about a theatrical performance: What were they trying to do? Did they do it? Was it worth doing? Use this outline to gather information during, and shortly after the performance while it is fresh in your mind.

What were they trying to do? (Evidence)

  1. Explain any weird genre issues or strange conventions we will need to understand be for we get started.
  2. Do a short plot summary, followed by a brief discussion of the play’s themes.
  3. Include a summarized production history of the play text. Was it adapted from another work? Has it been adapted into another form (film, example)? Include any critical acclaim, awards, controversies, etc.

Did they do it? (Analysis)

  1. Was the direction coherent? Were the stage pictures meaningful? Did the show appear to have a unified sense of theme and purpose?
  2. Was the acting cohesive and fluid? Was it appropriate to the material? Was it skillful? Were there any stand-out performances?
  3. How did the various design elements (costume, set, light, sound) influence the overall effects? Did they enhance of detract from the play’s meaning?

Was it worth doing? (Evaluation)

  1. Did the play seem relevant to today’s audience? What’s going on in the world to make this play worth doing now?

Download: Performance Review Outline (doc)

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