Writing our Biology Pre-Draft: The great library scavenger hunt

 The Great Library Scavenger Hunt

Lesson objective: to better understand the organization, materials, and purposes of

the library.

Total estimated time: 60 minutes

Assignment under way: constructing a bibliography

Work completed before class: a preliminary library visit with a librarian

YOUR MISSION (you have no choice but to accept it):

  1. 1)  Divide into groups of four. You may give yourselves and your team noms de guerre if you wish.
  2. 2)  Find and/or retrieve all the items on this list.
  3. 3)  When your mission is complete, report back to the area I designated as home base.


  1. 1)  The call number of a book about rattlesnakes.
  2. 2)  the URL through which you can “Ask a Librarian” your questions about Queens College’s library.
  3. 3)  two of the many library subject headings under which you would find information about the city of Rome.
  4. 4)  the name of one of the librarians who works at Queens
  5. 5)  the name of an article about Québecois sovereignty that you accessed through JSTOR.

BONUS: check out a book that will help you with your bibliography assignment.

Download: The Great Library Scavenger Hunt (pdf)

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