Comedy and Satire Pre-Draft: Writing a friend’s imagined response to a difficult satirical text

Writing a friend’s imagined response to a difficult satirical text

Our next paper asks you to convince someone that your reading of a satirical text is the reading that best matches the argument of the text and that his or her reading has misunderstood some key fact or has not recognized that the text is using irony.  In order to convince this friend that your reading is the most accurate one, you must first determine how they are reading the text and what evidence they might use to defend their reading.

This assignment asks you to pretend to be your friend and to begin drafting a paper as if you were planning to prove that his or her interpretation is the correct one.  To complete this assignment you will need to develop a fully formed thesis statement that he or she would use in his or her paper, you must list three passages in the text that would be used to prove that thesis, and you must write two or three sentences about each passage, stating how it will be used to prove “your” point.

Remember that you should not believe this reading of the text, but that it should still make sense, and there should still be some evidence for it in the text.  In other words, it should be reasonable, even though other evidence might suggest a different, stronger interpretation (the one you will defend in your paper).

This assignment can be completed in list form: the thesis statement; followed by quote one and how it will be used; quote two and how it will be used; and quote three and how it will be used.

Download: Pre-draft Assignment 2 (doc)

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