Ethnography Pre-Draft: Proofreading

Lesson Plan on Proofreading

 Lesson Objective: To stress the importance of proofreading and the editing stages as necessary elements to the composition process.

Total Estimated Time: 105 min.

Additional Outcomes: To develop general revision strategies and to improve proofreading skills.

Assignment Sequence Underway: Applications of social theories to individual experiences composed largely on blogs. Additional writing assignments stressing MLA standards of citation, and also how to integrate sources into paragraphs.

  1. Distribution of piece of writing written by a student that appears to not have a strong command of the English language in writing. Class revises the sample for “flow” or “to make it sound better” (10 minutes)
  2. Ask two different students to read their before and after versions (15 minutes)
  3. Discussion-response to the exercise (20 minutes)
  4. Make list of proofreading strategies used by members of the class—what were some of the strategies used to “fix” the piece of writing? (10 minutes)
  5. Proofread previous timed writing of neighbor—everyone moves one chair over or passes notebook to the person next to him or her, also to proofread (15 minutes)
  6. Discussion of proofreading and audience and connecting this to text/SMS methods of re-reading and revising compositions (15 minutes)
  7. The painful low-budget music video celebrating copy editing: “Copyediting and Proofreading (T.I.-Whatever You Like Remix).”2009: (5 minutes)
  8. Initial verbal responses to the film. (5 minutes)
  9. Reflective writing about style looking closely at a few of the written quotes form the video.  Practice PIE paragraphs to the quote. (10 minutes)

Download: Proofreading Assignment Lesson Plan (doc)

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