Religion Pre-Draft: Paragraph Structure

Pre-Draft #3 (Paragraph Structure, 30 min)

  1. In class, discuss eight-sentence body paragraph template (topic sentence, stitching to first citation, first citation, analysis, stitching to second citation, second citation, analysis, conclusion)
  2. Break into groups (loosely based on responses from PD1/Step 3).
  3. Identify 2-3 key terms/ideas from readings that seem most relevant to responding to the question.
  4. Identify passages from readings in which sources discuss these key terms/ideas.
  5. Compare/contrast different uses they make of them.
  6. Discuss how you would respond to these sources to make your own claims regarding these particular key terms/ideas and articulate a clear position on each.
  7. Discuss results as a class.
  8. Model placing discussion results into template.
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