Social Movements Pre-Draft: Abstract

Essay #5 (Analysis & Argument): Advocating Movement


Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives:

1)     To encourage students to follow a sequenced writing process that leads to a polished final draft.

2)     To reinforce the functions of the key elements of academic essays.

Part 1: Students will have already proposed topics for their fifth essays and will have identified and summarized academic sources relevant to their research.

Part 2: Students develop lists of at three possible motives for their essays (following Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay”) and associated titles and share and discuss their lists in groups of 3 or 4. Students should be prepared to explain the context of their essays and the texts they are discussing.

Part 3: Before the next class meeting, students should refine their motive for writing and title and should prepare a 150-word abstract of their essay.

Part 4: Students present their abstracts to their groups at the next class meting and receive/provide additional feedback. Group members describe each others’ projects to the class.

Download: Sample pre-draft assignments for “Writing to Move” (doc)

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