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Social Movements Pre-Draft: Model Paragraphs

Essay #3 (Narrative): I/We/He/She Moved

Model Paragraphs

Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives:

1)     To encourage students to take chances with syntax, diction and sound to capture reader’s attention.

2)     To give students practice writing effective paragraphs.

Part 1: Before class students choose a paragraph of at least 5 sentences (but not more than 10) from a text that has already been discussed in class and list three elements of the paragraph that appeal to them.

Part 2: In class students define the function of each sentence in their chosen paragraph without paraphrasing its meaning. For example, the function of the sentence: “If the story of any man’s life, truly told, must be interesting, as some sage avers, those of my relatives and immediate friends who have insisted upon having an account of mine may not be unduly disappointed with this result” from Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography might be explained as follows: “Sentence 1 describes the kind of story Carnegie will tell” or “Sentence 1 identifies the kinds of readers Carnegie expects”.

Part 3: After defining the function of each sentence in their chosen paragraph, students write a paragraph about something they have experienced using their chosen paragraph as a model. This paragraph should serve as a springboard for the third formal essay for the course.

Download: Sample pre-draft assignments for “Writing to Move” (doc)

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