Social Movements Pre-Draft: Reading trips

Essay #3 (Review Essay): Reading trips

Presentation Review

Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives:

1)     To give students practice responding to their peer’s work and receiving feedback.

2)     To give students practice relating writing styles to narrative content.

Part 1: Assign students to review another student’s presentation of essay #2 as if the presentation were a talk they were covering for a neighborhood newspaper.

Part 2: Encourage students to take notes as their presenter speaks, in particular, to note words/phrases that catch their interest and moments during the presentation to which the class responds strongly.

Part 3: After the presentations, reviewers should receive a copy of the presentation they are reviewing and should read it before the next class comparing the text with their notes from the live presentation. Students should have an opportunity to ask follow-up questions of their presenter at the beginning of the next class.

Part 4: Students write reviews that incorporate at least two quotations from the presentation. Reviews should be “approved” by presenters before they are submitted to the instructor.

Download: Sample pre-draft assignments for “Getting from Here to There” (doc)

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