Social Movements Pre-Draft: Research Summary

Essay #4 (Briefing Paper): Transportation changes lives

Research Summary

Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives:

1)     To give students practice using library resources to identify academic sources.

2)     To encourage students to integrate evidence gathered from various sources in their writing.

Part 1: Students should have already chosen topics for their briefing paper assessing a change made to New York City’s transit system and received feedback from the instructor including questions they may want to investigate.

Part 2: Students participate in a library orientation session after they have received the research summary assignment. Students should bring a list of search terms related to their topic to the library orientation session.

Part 3: The research summary assignment could take the following form:

Identify three sources related to the topic of your briefing paper using the databases available through the Queens College Library. Your three sources should include at least one article from an academic journal and at least one book and may also include substantial articles (more than 1000 words) from popular sources such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc., or their related websites.

For each source, list the complete bibliographic citation in current MLA format and compose a paragraph of at least 200 words that summarizes the source’s motive and main argument and explains what the source will add to your discussion of the transportation change you are investigating.

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