Reading Film Pre-Draft: Mock Debate-Interview Transcript

Mock Debate-Interview Transcript

I. Your mock debate-interview will ask you to mimic the style and stance of two figures whose writing you have studied. Thus, you need to pay attention to both the ideas and arguments they would make, as well as the manner in which they make those arguments. Let’s practice with two figures we have read as a class: [Eisenstein] and [Barthes]. Identify and mark specific instances of rhetoric in the first two paragraphs of their essays. Look especially for:

  • Style (Harvey)
  • Stance (Harvey)
  • Ethos, pathos, or logos (Aristotle)
  • metaphor or simile (unlike comparisons)
  • adjectives or adverbs
  • connotation (not the literal meaning of a word, but what it implies)
  • hyperbole (exaggeration)
  • personification (giving inanimate object human qualities)
  • repetition

II. Using what we have discussed together, write a one paragraph review of [a short cartoon or film] imitating either Barthes or Eisenstein.

Download: Reading Film Pre-Draft-Mock Debate-Interview Transcript (PDF)

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