Social Movements Pre-Draft: How Do Sentences Help People Move?

Essay #2 (Explication): How Do Sentences Help People Move?


Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives:

  1. Students will explain how the organization of a text contributes to the effect it has on a reader.

Part 1: Students read a text in common before class and make annotations of the text’s key points.

Part 2: Working in groups of 3 or 4, students create outlines of the text working from the annotations they made before class following a four-step process:

  1. Create a master list of the text’s main points;
  2. Label each of the points as “Main Argument” or “Supporting Argument”;
  3. Link each “Supporting Argument” to a “Main Argument” and put each set of “Supporting Arguments” in logical sequence;
  4. List at least 2 bits of evidence from the text that support each “Supporting Argument”

Part 3: Each group should present its outline to the class and the class should discuss any differences in which arguments groups marked as “Main” and “Supporting”. Students might use the structure of the outline they prepared to plan their own essays.

Download: Social Movements Pre-Draft-How Do Sentences Help People Move? (PDF)

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