Writing Religion Pre-Draft: Interpreting Keyterms

Pre-Draft #1 (Interpreting Keyterms, 30 min)

  1. At home, listen to the songs “Jesus Walks,” “From a Distance,” and “God” (linked on blog).
  2. For each song, write a brief description of what you think the lyrics mean when they invoke the term “God.”
  3. In class, free-write which song’s engagement with “God” resonates with you the most and why.
  4. Discuss student responses as a class.
  5. Identify key passages in the songs relevant to steps 3/4.
  6. Relate song lyrics’ invocation of God to those identified by Warren, Armstrong, and Epstein.
  7. Identify key passages in chapters by above writers relevant to step 6.

Download: Writing Religion Pre-Draft- Interpreting Keyterms (PDF)

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