Writing Biology Pre-Draft: Characterization and Interpretation

Where Have All the Muscular Christians Gone?: Understanding Characterization 

and Interpretation

Lesson objective: to uncover the work writers do to convey a sense of character and to

apply that knowledge to a deeper understanding of a work.

Background: Students will previously have watched Chariots of Fire and submitted a

300 word reflection on the film to the class blog.

Total estimated time: 45 minutes

Class assignment underway: essay that requires the application of theory to interpret

a film.

Pre-draft assignment:

Part 1: Divide into pairs. According to the instructions I give you, prepare a list of

adjectives and character traits that describe either Eric or Harold. Then contribute your

work to a class discussion, defending your opinion if it differs from that of your


Part 2: With your partner, identify the role your assigned character played in Chariots of

Fire. Consider his goals and his identity in making your determination. Then share and

discuss your conclusions with the class.

Part 3: Now that we’ve discussed Eric and Harold’s characterizations and roles, take ten

minutes to write down your reasoning as to why the writers of Chariots of Fire would

made the characterization and role choices they did. Remember to consider the themes

and plot of the film in making your response. Then share your thoughts with the class.

Download:  Biology Pre-Draft Characterization (PDF)

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