The Planet Pre-Draft: Ecological Spaces

Ecological Spaces

Queens College, CUNY, English 110: College Writing (Writing the Planet)

Lesson objective(s): 1) To develop comfort with writing by beginning with a familiar topic; 2) To understand writing as a craft which is aesthetic as well as functional.

Course work or assignment underway: This is the first exercise for the first major essay.

Assignment: Choose a bounded space with which you are familiar (your space may be any size–very large or very small; choose any space you know well enough to complete the assignment). Write a short essay (2-3 pages) describing that space as an environment for living things. Your essay should describe the biological beings that inhabit that space—permanently or transiently, elements of that space which sustain and elements which threaten (or diminish) biological systems, and impacts on the biology of the space from external forces. Your essay should be formal (with no use of “I” or “you”) and well-organized with a thesis statement.

Download: The Planet-Ecological Spaces (PDF)

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