Reading Film Pre-Draft Activity: Community Interview Film

College Writing 1

Community Interview Film

I. Preparing for the community interview film, you need to have two specific things in hand before beginning: 1) a list of at least 10 interview questions to select from, and 2) a participant release form. Before next class: 1) prepare a draft of ten different interview questions that might relate to a work of public art (in order of general to specific) and 2) find and print three samples of “participant release forms” that you find online.

II. In class, you will work in groups of three to identify the 10 strongest interview questions, and after you will be ready to give three concrete principles or techniques for writing a good interview question.

1. A good interview question should . . .

2. A good interview question should avoid . . .

3. To write a good interview question, keep in mind . . .

III. In small groups of three, share the participant release forms you found online. Together, make a checklist for a participant release form, and begin drafting one together. . .

Download: Reading Film Pre-Draft-Community Interview (PDF)

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