Reading Film Pre-Draft: Investigative Proposal

Reading Film, College Writing 1

I. Here are some preliminary investigative questions students have asked in the past. Each was revised 3-4 times before they were ready, so this is just the first version. Select which one you think is best, and have a suggestion for what could be improved with two other questions.

1. For my final paper, my main question is: How does the movie Avatar reflects the current status of our nation?

2. For this paper I would like to know: How can the transformation of romantic ideals be seen by comparing romantic adaptations from the 30’s to those of the current times?

3. How does the jazz and classical music of noir film adaptations from the 1940s and 50s reveal psychological aspects of the characters from that generation?

4. To be specific, how exactly did Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson and his filmmaking partners successfully implement the classical musical element into the film when they came together to produce all three parts of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic Lord of The Rings Trilogy?

5. My question aims to find out whether there is a direct connection between this critical reception and a film’s success in the early days of its release in both theaters, and its release in a format which one can purchase the film, such as DVD, VHS, or digital downloading.

6. How is it that the casting of known and unknown actors in film has an affect on thriller novel adaptations?

7. Why, in sequels of adapted films such as James Bondand Die Hard, are key elements changed throughout the series?

II. Individually, make a revision checklist for investigative questions. How do you know what a good question is? What are the most important elements of a good investigative question? You will share these with the class next time. You should have at least 5 “things” to check for.

[Students should say things about the question being not-too-big or not too focused, it being open-ended/investigative, having a discipline or method in mind, using “keywords” effectively, being answerable, being investigable, being in question form, having an underlying set of assumptions or claims that can be investigated.]

Download: Reading Film Pre-Draft Activity- Investigative Proposal (PDF)

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