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Writing Biology Pre-Draft: Characterization and Interpretation

Where Have All the Muscular Christians Gone?: Understanding Characterization  and Interpretation Lesson objective: to uncover the work writers do to convey a sense of character and to apply that knowledge to a deeper understanding of a work. Background: Students will

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Social Movements Pre-Draft: Reading trips

Essay #3 (Review Essay): Reading trips Presentation Review Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives: 1)     To give students practice responding to their peer’s work and receiving feedback. 2)     To give students practice relating writing styles to narrative content. Part 1: Assign students to

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Social Movements Pre-Draft: Interpretive Caption

Essay #1 (Interpretive Caption): Getting around the city looks like Photographic Messages Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives: 1) To encourage students to think and see from multiple perspectives. 2) To give students practice responding to and incorporating others’ ideas in their writing.

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Digital Revolution Pre-Draft: Description, Analysis, Evidence, and Revision

Lesson Plan on Description, Analysis, Evidence, and Revision: Primary lesson objective: The goal of the 2nd project is to expand and revise on the previous project while also crafting a specific argument. Students will learn to use freewriting to develop

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NYC Pre-Draft: Comparative Analysis

For essay #1:  Comparative Analysis Describe a NYC location (e.g. park, subway station, art gallery, soup kitchen, hotel lobby) to someone who knows it only superficially.  Your objective is to provide a rich and detailed description based on direct observation

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Memory Pre-Draft: Writing for Detail

Lesson Plan on Writing for Detail Lesson objective(s): Introducing students to the necessity of using details in writing for an audiences unfamiliar with the subject matter under consideration. Total estimated time: 45 – 55 minutes Additional outcome(s): Fostering feelings of

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Higher Ed Pre-Draft: Analyze an Image

Analyze an image/Write an illustrated description: Using an image of an educational “structure” or “space” (i.e. a photo of the inside or outside of a building that would commonly appear on a high school or college campus, or an image

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