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Beauty Pre-Draft Activity: Essay Cover Letter

Lesson Plan – Essay cover letter Lesson objective(s): The lesson objective is to ensure that students re-read and reflect on their own writing before handing it in. Total estimated time: 20-30 minutes Additional outcome(s): Though this activity only explicitly asks

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Reading Film Pre-Draft Activity: Observational Documentary Film

Reading Film, College Writing 1 I. Before making your observational documentary film about a work of public art or architecture on the Queens College campus, you should take notes to try to study the work in writing. Visiting your chosen

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Reading Film Pre-Draft: Investigative Proposal

Reading Film, College Writing 1 I. Here are some preliminary investigative questions students have asked in the past. Each was revised 3-4 times before they were ready, so this is just the first version. Select which one you think is

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The Planet Pre-Draft: Ecological Spaces

Ecological Spaces Queens College, CUNY, English 110: College Writing (Writing the Planet) Lesson objective(s): 1) To develop comfort with writing by beginning with a familiar topic; 2) To understand writing as a craft which is aesthetic as well as functional.

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American Dreams Pre-Draft: Discovering Ideas for a Topic

Lesson Plan on Discovering Ideas about a Topic for an Essay Lesson objective: Introduce focused free writing as a pre-writing strategy to help students discover their ideas on an assigned topic, such as “American Dreams.” Total estimated time: 100 minutes

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