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Reading Film Pre-Draft Activity: Community Interview Film

College Writing 1 Community Interview Film I. Preparing for the community interview film, you need to have two specific things in hand before beginning: 1) a list of at least 10 interview questions to select from, and 2) a participant

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Reading Film Pre-Draft Activity: Peer Interview

College Writing 1 Peer Interview Film I. Watch this short clip from [Errol Morris’s The Fog of War]. Viewers do not always hear the questions that the filmmaker-interviewer asks his/her subject, but that does not mean the subjects just spontaneously

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Reading Film Pre-Draft Activity: Diagramming Difference

Reading Film, College Writing 1 Diagramming Difference I. What makes a film a film? For the next assignment, you need to consider the difference between form and content–different media such as film, literature, or painting might share the same story

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Creativity Pre-Draft Activity: Profile Writing

First Year Writing, Creativity Lesson Plan on Profile Writing Lesson objective(s): An understanding of the difference between biography (generally chronologically organized) and profile (organized by narrative); ability to sift through and evaluate evidence based on its relevance to the overall

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