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Writing Religion Pre-Draft: Structuring Longer Papers

Writing Religion Pre-Draft: Structuring Longer Papers Come to class having read sample research papers from the York Scholar. Identify purposes of the various paragraphs. Discuss which paragraphs are most like each other and group them accordingly. Discuss which sections would

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Writing Religion Pre-Draft: Refining the Topic Sentence

Writing Religion Pre-Draft Activity: Refining the Topic Sentence Bring in list of topic sentences from previous assignment. Discuss as a class categories of ineffective topic sentences (factual, broad, vague). Try to categorize prior topic sentences by category. Revise ineffective topic

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Social Movements Pre-Draft: Model Paragraphs

Essay #3 (Narrative): I/We/He/She Moved Model Paragraphs Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives: 1)     To encourage students to take chances with syntax, diction and sound to capture reader’s attention. 2)     To give students practice writing effective paragraphs. Part 1: Before class students choose

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Religion Pre-Draft: Paragraph Structure

Pre-Draft #3 (Paragraph Structure, 30 min) In class, discuss eight-sentence body paragraph template (topic sentence, stitching to first citation, first citation, analysis, stitching to second citation, second citation, analysis, conclusion) Break into groups (loosely based on responses from PD1/Step 3).

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Religion Pre-Draft: Opening Paragraph Construction

Pre-Draft #2 (Opening Paragraph Construction, 25 min) In class, discuss three-sentence opening paragraph template (introduction to topic, invocation of sources, statement of thesis) Draft opening paragraph in this template. Volunteer to workshop paragraphs. Workshop/discuss/compare opening sentences (distinguish topic introduction from

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Ethnography Pre-Draft: Lesson Plan on PIE

Lesson Plan on PIE (Point, Information, and Explanation) Paragraph Structure Lesson Objective: To integrate source materials and citation into structured body paragraphs. Total Estimated Time: 105 min. Additional Outcomes: “Translating” and synthesizing difficult theoretical prose into more familiar language.  Also

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Page to Stage Pre-Draft: Intro Paragraph Exercise

Draft an Opening Paragraph for Your Research Paper Pair up with someone and ask each other the following questions about your play. Motive: Why is this play worth doing today? What has been tried before? What hasn’t been tried that

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Higher Ed Pre-Draft: Reconstruct a Generalization

Reconstruct a generalization: “It’s important to remember how removed standardized tests are from the cognitive give-and-take of the classroom. That’s one reason why there is a debate among testing specialists as to whether a test score…is really an accurate measure

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Higher Ed Pre-Draft: Creating PIE Paragraphs

Creating PIE Paragraphs Points: A primary statement you are making that will contribute to your overall theme, angle or argument. In your profile, what points do you want to make about this individual’s character, motivations, or plans? Where will this

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