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Writing Religion Pre-Draft: Workshops

Writing Religion Pre-Draft: Workshops Submit 2-3-page drafts of final paper, to be scanned and printed out by the rest of class. Break into groups of three. Each workshop day, one member of each group’s paper is workshopped, with other two

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Social Movements Pre-Draft: Reader Report

Essay #4 (Comparison): Narratives of Social Mobility Reader Report Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives: 1)     To give students practice identifying strengths and weaknesses in their own and in peers’ writing and recommending revisions. Part 1: Students submit drafts of their fourth essay

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Social Movements Pre-Draft: Reading trips

Essay #3 (Review Essay): Reading trips Presentation Review Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives: 1)     To give students practice responding to their peer’s work and receiving feedback. 2)     To give students practice relating writing styles to narrative content. Part 1: Assign students to

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Science & Culture Pre-Draft: Preparing Research for Argument

Lesson objective(s):  To prepare research for argument; to refine literature review. Total estimated time: 70 minutes Additional outcome(s): To tighten and strengthen writing both in terms of form and content. Course work or assignment underway: The Research paper Work and/or

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Ethnography Pre-Draft: Proofreading

Lesson Plan on Proofreading  Lesson Objective: To stress the importance of proofreading and the editing stages as necessary elements to the composition process. Total Estimated Time: 105 min. Additional Outcomes: To develop general revision strategies and to improve proofreading skills.

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Digital Revolution Pre-Draft: Description, Analysis, Evidence, and Revision

Lesson Plan on Description, Analysis, Evidence, and Revision: Primary lesson objective: The goal of the 2nd project is to expand and revise on the previous project while also crafting a specific argument. Students will learn to use freewriting to develop

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Reading Film Pre-Draft: Peer Response Groups (for longer essays)

            Peer Response Groups [for longer essays/assignments]            I assume: You have a draft worth spending your time on—a rough outline or messy draft won’t cut it. You want your peers to read and respond to your writing. You want to

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Reading Film Pre-Draft: Peer Revision (of any assignment)

Peer Revision of [Any Assignment] Read your peer’s draft. In the boxes below, identify [one of Harvey’s elements]. If you have other suggestions for improvement feel free to write those as well. When you are done, starting at the bottom,

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NYC Pre-Draft: Comparative Analysis

For essay #1:  Comparative Analysis Describe a NYC location (e.g. park, subway station, art gallery, soup kitchen, hotel lobby) to someone who knows it only superficially.  Your objective is to provide a rich and detailed description based on direct observation

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