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Social Movements Pre-Draft: Research Summary

Essay #4 (Briefing Paper): Transportation changes lives Research Summary Pre-Draft Exercise Objectives: 1)     To give students practice using library resources to identify academic sources. 2)     To encourage students to integrate evidence gathered from various sources in their writing. Part 1:

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Ethnography Pre-Draft: Lesson Plan on PIE

Lesson Plan on PIE (Point, Information, and Explanation) Paragraph Structure Lesson Objective: To integrate source materials and citation into structured body paragraphs. Total Estimated Time: 105 min. Additional Outcomes: “Translating” and synthesizing difficult theoretical prose into more familiar language.  Also

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Digital Revolution Pre-Draft: Developing a Research Topic, Research Methods, and MLA Formats

Lesson Plan on Developing a Research Topic, Research Methods, and MLA Formats   Primary lesson objective: The final project is asking students to do more extensive research than they have done on previous projects. By developing an extensive works cited

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Digital Revolution Pre-Draft: Wikipedia, Evaluating Internet Sources, and Use of Sources

Lesson Plan on Wikipedia, Evaluating Internet Sources, and Use of Sources Primary lesson objective: Danah Boyd’s essay (and Wikipedia) blurs the once clearer boundaries between authority, research methods, evidence, and methodology. Rather than simply dismissing or critiquing either, looking closely

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Celebrity Culture Pre-draft: Celebrity Journal (Sources)

Lesson Plan: Celebrity Journal Lesson objective(s):  MLA format, annotated bibliography, quote integration, source evaluation Total estimated time: 45 min. in class, then ongoing for approx. 3 weeks Course work or assignment underway: Final Paper (Synthesis) Students will keep a “celebrity

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Food Pre-Draft: Sources

Locating, Vetting and Inserting Sources Lesson objective(s): The confident selection, vetting and insertion of secondary sources. ***Special Note: The following exercise is possible only if all students have access to laptops in class. Total estimated time: 60 minutes. Additional outcome(s):

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Reading Film Pre-Draft: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography I. In class, write an annotation for [Eisenstein’s] essay. Remember, a good annotation has three parts: 2-3 sentences summarizing the main point, 2-3 sentences citing and contextualizing key quotations or terms, and 2-3 sentences that discuss how this

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Reading Film Pre-Draft: MLA Quizzes

MLA Quizzes [I give them a quiz, then use it as basis for instruction on MLA and incorporating quotes. I give the second quiz for review the following day.] Some things I make sure to cover: –underline titles of Books,

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Memory Pre-Draft: Integrating Sources

Lesson Plan on Integrating Sources Lesson objective(s): Creating appropriate contextual situations for, and seamless integration of, primary and secondary sources into the body of an essay. Total estimated time: 30 – 45 minutes Additional outcome(s): Confidence in transitioning into quotes

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Higher Ed Pre-Draft: Creating PIE Paragraphs

Creating PIE Paragraphs Points: A primary statement you are making that will contribute to your overall theme, angle or argument. In your profile, what points do you want to make about this individual’s character, motivations, or plans? Where will this

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Religion Pre-Draft: Evaluating Web Sources

Pre-Draft #3 (Evaluating Web Sources, 30 min) Using in-class projector/laptop, visit Wikipedia and discuss site’s merits/drawbacks. Vandalize several articles in a variety of ways. Search for “Martin Luther King” on Google. Look through top results (esp. King Center and

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Religion Pre-Draft: Using Different Types of Sources

Pre-Draft #1 (Using Different Types of Sources, 30 min) Examine handout featuring passages from several different readings from over the semester. Break into groups, with each group assigned one reading. Locate each use of a source in the assigned passage.

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