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“Prompts” : March 2015

A weak prompt can function like a Pandora’s box, entitling students to release all manner of surprises onto the page. The instructor who receives a batch of essays written under those straitened circumstances will be hard pressed to grade it,

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“Calibrating Reading: How Much Reading is the Right Amount?”: February 2015

Tuesday, February 10th from 12:15-1:15 and Wednesday, February 11th from 12:15-1:15 This question that’s in play in the running of any course gains special consequence in writing courses. You need to leave time for writing work, but … you also

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American Dreams Assignment #3: Annotated Bibliography

You will develop an annotated bibliography of sources in connection to your research topic (see assignment 4). Please find a minimum of five sources that include one book, one newspaper article, and three academic journal articles. Each entry should summarize

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New English 110 Info. Lit. guides!

Dear Karen and Eng 110 Faculty,

We want to notify you all of the digital English 110 Library guides created over the summer.

They reflect topic areas that comprise the Freshmen Year Initiative Learning Communities and are now accessible via the Eng 110 blog that we’ve all been using to advance the English 110 / FYI initiative.

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Community Librarians for Fall 2010

Hi Everyone, The library has assigned librarians for your 110 sections based on the topic you’re teaching. When you schedule your library meeting in the fall please let Alexandra DeLuise know that you’re teaching a topics-based course in a community.

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We can probably figure out a more permanent place for general articles, but I saw this piece on netiquette and thought it might be useful to share in some form with first year students.

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Field Trip Permission Forms

Field Trip 18 years + Field Trip under 18

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General Guidelines for English 110

Hi everybody. I thought I’d post a very prelimary draft of the general guidelines for 110 that we are planning to develop during the spring semester. We’d love to have contributions and feedback from you all. What do you think

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Welcome to the English 110 Topics Site!

This site will contain an archive of information about English 110 topics, assignments, sample syllabi, readings, and discussions about teaching 110 at Queens College. Additionally, we’re in the process of building a list of English 110 goals and guidelines that

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